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Aidan absolutely loves Superheros, Wrestling and is nuts about Bruno Mars! He is a happy, loving and very funny little boy. He is so polite and friendly he lights everyone's day up even strangers who don't know him. He has an amazing smile and just loves life !

Our journey started when Aidan was born at 29 weeks, we didn't have a diagnosis until he was about 4 weeks old so it was a total shock but in reality a nice shock there was a long list of complex medical needs that he could have and could have caused him to be born so early ! His name means fiery little oneand he certainly is ! He came home when he was just over 2 month's old and weighed just over 4 pound a huge difference to his birth weight of 2 lb 4oz. His journey has been a difficult one because when he was 1 his lungs collapsed after a viral infection and he had to have life saving treatment called ECMO although to see him now you would never think this little guy had experienced any problems, he loves his life, he goes to mainstream school and his older brother is in the year above him.

My advice would be don't be scared , don't blame yourself. Embrace each and every day. Aidan and I have experienced some major triumph's and he continues to grow and make me proud. There is so much you read up on but with me I treat Aidan like his older brother, each child reaches milestone's differently I have never set the goal posts high but Aidan continues to make good progress and always with a smile

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