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Cayson is my third child, during pregnancy there was no markers for down syndrome or any other health issues, my pregnancy went fine, I gave birth to a beautiful little bundle of joy and went home the same day. 

When cayson was 7 weeks old he was having serious issues with his breathing from that day he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and was in and out of hospital till he was nearly 4 months old, at this point I was asked by a number of different doctors if I thought he looked any different to his siblings to which I was confused as to why they were asking as at no point did anyone mention he may have down syndrome. Then one lovely doctor said that the heart condition he has is usually connected to a genetic disorder so they ran a genetic blood test. It came back showing Cayson had down syndrome, I left the hospital confused, sad, angry but I was still hopeful, I knew that whatever caysons future would be like I would always be there for him.


The first year was hard constant appointments it was a new road I knew nothing about so I did my research found other parents and other children in the down syndrome community, did loads of reading and had to educate myself. Cayson is now 18 months he is smashing his milestones, he can walk and is learning to sign, he loves music, singing, he has the best personality and the most contagious smile.


To any new parents who have just received a diagnosis my advice to you would be it's ok to be sad, it's ok to cry all these emotions are natural it's ok to question "why me" or "why my child" but once you get over the initial shock get ready for a amazing journey with a amazing little person who will teach you more about yourself, who will teach you about real strength and bring joy to your life every day. We wouldn't change a thing about Cayson.

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