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Cerys is a happy, sociable and determined young lady although a little headstrong at times! Her favourite things are music and dance and she’s boy mad! Just a typical teenager and likes putting on make up and taking lots of selfies! I never knew cerys had Down’s syndrome until after she was born (cerys was prem) and it was about a week after she was born that I was told they suspected and she was 10 days old before it was confirmed! Initially I remember total devastation and grieving for the “normal” baby I thought I was having. It took me about 3 months until I finally realised what a beautiful little girl I had and I love her regardless. 


This child is the bravest, happiest child that I know. At 18 months old I thought I was going to lose after she developed pneumonia and collapsed lung on one side and partial collapse on another. In and out of hospital with chest conditions for the first 3 years of her life. Although it takes cerys longer to reach her milestones, when she does get there it makes these achievements even more special. Can’t really advise any would be parents but I would say when I look at cerys now, I see cerys and not the disability. Down’s syndrome doesn’t define her likes, dislikes etc.....she’s cerys!

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