I found out there was a problem with my pregnancy at my first scan. A very abrupt, not people friendly sonographer told me at a follow up detailed scan that there were 4 outcomes. Miscarriage, Edwards Syndrome, Pataus Syndrome or Downs Syndrome. I was devastated by her coldness. Much to her annoyance I insisted on going forward with my pregnancy. Her attitude was awful. It was difficult not knowing exactly how it was going to end but I didn't want to risk having amnio and putting baby at higher risk of miscarriage (I'd had 3 miscarriages previous to Cohen). 

A part from bad heartburn it was a great pregnancy. I was booked in for induction at 39 weeks but thankfully went into labour the night before. 7 hours, gas and air and out popped my boy. A couple of hours later the midwife asked me if there had been any indication of a Downs diagnosis so I explained. Further tests did show DS but Cohen (Cobo) had already pinged my heartstrings. It was a bit of a blow but from my point of view it could have been a whole lot worse. From day 1 he has lit up our world. 

Expectant and new parents of our beautiful kids will go through some emotions and maybe a little grief for the " normal" baby they won't have but, take my word for it, for some unknown reason children with DS have a total ability to give more love than any other kids. And in return you just can't help but fall in love with them in a different, more intense way than other kids. Don't get me wrong, I worship all 5 of my children, but my love for Cohen has a deeper meaning that I can't explain. He is a cheeky, happy, mischievous boy who just loves everyone and enjoys life. He loves singing and dancing. He loves running about and kicking a football. He's getting pretty good at jigsaws and just loves to draw (not always on the paper though). He has 4 big sisters, 3 of whom live at home and the oldest one had her first baby in Dec so Cobo became an uncle. Cohen is our world and we wouldn't be without him.