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Lorna was diagnosed when she was 3 days old. I felt when Lorna was born that she looked Downs Syndrome but no body said anything for three days. I was put in a side ward when all the other mothers were going home, I questioned this and they said Lorna had Jaundice. They were clarifying her condition.! I was shocked at finding out, it wasn't what I expected but she was my daughter and I didn't love her any less and would cross the hurdles when I came across them which is what I did.


She is very happy and has a great sense of humour. She loves colouring, watching DVDs, the IPad and music. She also loves to go to Butlins twice a year. She is 25 years old and attends Day Care 5 days a week, which she loves. It may not have been what we expected but we were blessed with a child with an extra chromosome and Lorna has given us so much love and rewards. We wouldn't change a thing.

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