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I had Estelle in 2007 after trying for a baby for 4 years, my other daughters were 14 and 12 at the time, I had no idea that Estelle had Down’s syndrome as I had refused all tests during pregnancy. Upon her arrival 3 weeks early, as you can imagine it was a complete shock, I was the first to mention it in the delivery room that I thought she had DS, the relevant tests were done and I found out 3 days later that the results were positive.


I quickly came to terms with her diagnosis being a Christan helped as I knew that after so long trying to convince that God had blessed me with a very special baby. Any baby is a blessing but I feel doubly blessed to have her as my child. She is such a character and has always had a very mischievous streak, she’s quite bossy and likes to be in charge, she’s a bit of a tom boy loves marvel and fighting, she’s just got her yellow belt in kick boxing. But also loves dancing and every boy is her boyfriend lol.


Any advise I would give to new parents is to just love your baby, all of the initial fears and concerns fade away as every milestone reached is filled with such joy, I would never in a million years change who Estelle is and she is who she is because of this beautiful extra chromosome. I’m very blessed!

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