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Francesca was born in 2002 and arrived 3 weeks early! It wasn't until the day after she was born we were told she had Down Syndrome. It was quite a shock to us at first. We were told she 'might' talk (she doesn't stop), she 'might' walk ( 'walk! she doesn't stop dancing), she 'might' lead a normal life (she's doing pretty amazing so far). The first few days in hospital I was overwhelmed, being bombarded with leaflets, groups to get in contact with, various phone numbers, what to expect, do this, do that, I felt like saying 'just shut up and let me enjoy my baby'. There is plenty of time for that later as and when you feel you need help and support.


Francesca has progressed really well, she attended a mainstream primary school, learnt to read and write (but reluctant to do either when required)! Francesca now attends a brilliant secondary school with fantastic staff (although I think Francesca sees herself as a member of staff rather than a student). It has been difficult and challenging at times due to Francesca also being diagnosed with Autism and various health issues but she is enjoying life as best as she can. Francesca is now 16 years old, a typical teenager: moody, stroppy, lazy! She loves singing and dancing to her favourite group 'Little Mix'. She has a great sense of humour and makes everyone laugh, she is clever and a joy to be with, she is the funniest most beautiful person I know! 


My advice to anyone expecting a baby with Down Syndrome is to take one day at a time and enjoy!

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