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Maya is our second daughter. She was diagnosed with Down's syndrome after she was born. The midwife mentioned that she wanted to get the paediatrician in to see her, and then we looked at her and knew. We were lucky in that all the professionals were really positive - the midwives, doctors, nurses that we met in the days after she was born and then the health visitors, special needs heath visitors, paediatricians and other doctors and therapists that we have met throughout her life. We were also lucky to have a paediatrician who is a specialist in DS and so she linked us into all the health and therapy services straight away. 


Maya had feeding difficulties, but other than that she was a very calm baby, as long as she was being cuddled, so I carried her in a wraparound sling a lot. She still loves close cuddles now! Maya is very expressive and loves people. Friends and family are important to her. She loves anything to do with performing - dance, singing, drama... and posing for photos! She will try very hard at the things that she loves and is very passionate about her interests. She also loves fashion, make up and hairstyling and enjoys playing with her dolls - caring for them, dressing them and doing their hair. Maya swims (she has won lots of medals with her swimming club), likes to horse ride, cycle round our local lake and has recently started learning about mindfulness.

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