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We had the Harmony (NIPT) Blood test done at 14 weeks, this showed Tommy had a 99.9% chance of having Down Syndrome. The hospital team where very supportive, we had regular scans and always sat with the midwifes after to chat about any concerns we had, I also had weekly check ups with my community midwife. Although I really looked forward to seeing him at every scan I was always very nervous and worried that they’d find something wrong with Tommy. But apart from a small hole in his heart Tommy was just was my placenta that was the trouble!!! 

Tommy is a very smiley happy content little boy. He loves music and being sung too, dancing and having his  youngest big sister sing nursery rhymes! Even when he’s poorly he still smiles! He always likes to watch Hey Duggee!! He is an incredible little boy and a positive welcome addition to this family.


Tommy has three amazing older sisters who simply adore him.He has brought our family even closer together and i couldn't imagine life without him, he truly is a fabulous little boy and he melts my heart everyday with his beautiful big brown eyes and his sweet smile.


To new and expectant parents I would say try to enjoy your pregnancy and taking home your beautiful little babies. It is ok to have concern’s, what new parent doesn’t! There is a lot of support and information out there. Our children are capable of so much.

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