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Bilal is my 2nd eldist child however, he came along 10 years after my first child so, waiting for Bilal was long antisipated but worth the  wait! When we was told that our soon to be little boy would be born with Down Syndrome we did not know what to expect or what it meant. Upon meeting other parents in the same situation and receiving the right support, When Bilal was born all fears was set aside. We had a beautiful, chubby baby boy with a full head of long fluffy dark hair and cheeky smile. Now at the age of 11 years old Bilal's head still still smells like a new born baby and he still has the same cheeky smile from when he was first born. 

From that first moment of meeting him and to days date, us as a family have had a lot of support with Bilal's Down Syndrome. Other parents and support networks have helped educate on what Down Syndrome really means and helped to build confidence in coping with the changes. Most importantly Bilal's friends and school have helped in supporting in achieving goals to make life easier and help him to do activities he truly enjoys.


Bilal loves animals, music and cooking at school. He loves to be cheeky, wrestle and play pranks on mum and siblings. He most defiantly is a secret chocolate eater when no-one is looking and most certainly is a kind nd sensitive young man.


He won't let anyone shed a tear without hugging them and never forgets his siblings. When shopping or at events Bilal will always make sure to buy a gift for his friends and family rather than himself and we wouldn't have him any other way. 

My advice to other parents would be to take the advice and support where offered. its never a bad thing to take help and first and foremost to take actions that give you and your child the confidence to be happy.

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