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First of all... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

My newborn set up is very different to my others and because it is such a large set up this is one I cannot do mobile.

Newborns usually have a little time gap for photoshoots which is when they are between 5-10 days old. This is when they are most sleepy and willing to pose as they haven't quite adjusted to life outside of the womb yet. I do my shoots a little different to others so this is not the case. I like the babies to be a tiny bit older so that I can catch them with their eyes open and all of their little facial expressions. Sleeping posed newborns are very cute but there is just something about a natural awake newborn that I absolutely love.

The stares, the stretches, the yawns, the I'm about to cry face... I love it all. So if you have left booking your newborn in a little late, don't worry!

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