Down With Disney

My Down With Disney campaign is a fun and positive way to celebrate Down Syndrome. In 2018 I created "Down Right Beautiful" which was my first ever awareness campaign, jam packed with stories and information. This campaign gave my photography page lots of followers of whom had someone with Down Syndrome in their family. Because of this in 2019 I still wanted to do something for those amazing people... and that is why "Down With Disney" was born. This Campaign became extremely popular, more than I could have ever imagined. It ended up going viral and being viewed by over 14million people all over the world. This was a massive achievement as spreading awareness is very important to me, and thats exactly what happened.

Down With Disney is not over yet and I am already planning the next part so keep a look out for that in the future.

Especially if you know someone who would like to be involved! 

The Little Mermaid - Aurora Marney, Aged 4 Months

The Jungle Book - Zephaniah Ojar, Aged 2

Monsters Inc - Bella Gould, Aged 2

Snow White - Dorothy Mason, Aged 2

Cinderella - Leiya Cooper, Aged 6

Aladdin - Maryam El-Khamisi, Aged 6 & Abdullah Adnan, Aged 2 

The Lion King - Angelo S, Aged 2 

Beauty And The Beast - Holly Alan, Aged 10 & Jensen Pointon, Aged 6

Frozen - Lauren Rusler, Aged 6, Poppie Underwood, Aged 6 & Evan Williams, Aged 5 

Peter Pan - Jaxon Jones, Aged 1

Toy Story - Jackson Vaughan, Aged 2 & Rory Haywood, Aged 1 

Brave - Chloe Lennon, Aged 6