Me (Nicole) with my second lot of printed Calendars

Now this is something new for me and something I never imagined doing but in 2019 my Down With Disney campaign received such a huge response and one of the parents involved suggested the images being turned into a calendar. I absolutely loved the idea and it was something that had crossed my mind before due to the campaign containing 12 different Disney classics.


I then created a 2020 Down With Disney calendar for all of the parents involved and later decided to open this up to anyone who wanted one and well... lets just say I had hugely underestimated how popular they would be. 


I now have a much better idea of how to create something everyone can keep and enjoy and I know that there are many many people all over the world who are interesting in purchasing content from my campaigns. When my calendars where available to buy I received lots of lovely messages from parents, teachers and college/uni students telling me how they can't wait to receive their calendar and how much my campaign had touched their hearts. This was amazing to hear. I am now ear to create more and have some exciting ideas for upcoming campaigns and older ones to be made into books!! So watch this space