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The moment Noellè was born and the pediatrician walked in and casually said ‘oh she has downs’ before I had even seen my beautiful baby girl it felt like my whole world crumbled around me. I began sobbing uncontrollably, like I was mourning, It felt like the worst day of my life.. how wrong was I?!

We were extremely lucky Noellè was born with no additional health problems, that are typically related to Down syndrome. Everyone around us was so negative, all I heard was downs baby and most people terminate! Well it’s not true, Noellè brings nothing but pure happiness and joy to all her family. She is reaching all her milestones even if it is a little later than her peers. She brightens any dull day with her beautiful smile. And she can achieve anything she wants, after all her extra chromosome makes her extra special! Don’t get me wrong she has her tantrums just like any typical nearly 2 year old. She loves exploring outdoors, getting dirty, and swimming.


This little one has taught me to love in a whole new way to truly understand what compassion is, what understanding is, what patience is and most importantly to understand what unconditional love is! This little lady did something incredible to me , whilst very briefly her diagnosis may have seemed to shatter my world into a million pieces , it quickly took those pieces and built something far bigger within myself. I then realised I have been blessed with the most incredible gift. Noellèhumbled me, making me look at my own insecurities and realise what a lot of time I've wasted worrying about insignificant things. She has really made me see the bigger picture and all the things I have worried about my entire life just seem so shallow now and totally meaningless. 


Enjoy every moment and just treat them like every other child because there is certainly nothing down about her. 

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