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We were given a 1:5 chance of Sophie having Down syndrome at my 16 weeks blood test. As soon as she was born I could tell she had Down syndrome, but we had to wait a week for the blood test to confirm this. I have to say it didn't bother me one bit that Sophie had been born with Down syndrome. We left hospital with not much information they asked if we would like to talk to anyone but I felt there wasn't a lot to talk about really. 

The information on the Internet was pretty outdated and rubbish. It was only from talking to another parent at a party who's child has Down syndrome that we found out other information and she helped with questions or challenges along the way. She pointed us to the most amazing inclusive nursery that really helped Sophie. Along with that we've made friends with awesome other special needs parents and kids. We also put a lot of effort in at the beginning with signing and singing and physio which I greatly believe helped Sophie's speech. She went to a fabulous primary school and is at their mainstream junior school too. She has great friends there who all embrace her. She is a model with zebedee management and my aim is for her to achieve all that she wants to and to show the world anything is possible. Everyone adores Sophie as she is so bubbly and mischievous. Sophie loves swimming, wrestling and football. A real tomboy and anything sports related. She goes to performing arts and loves being in front of the camera. 


My advise for any new parents is try not to worry. Remember first and foremost you have a beautiful child and anything is possible if you believe in them.

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